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3 Ways Striping Can Be Used To Improve Your Warehouse Operations

If you haven't yet invested in commercial warehouse striping, now is a great time to consider doing so. Here are just a few ways striping can help improve your overall warehouse operations over time.

Keep Things More Organized

Warehouse striping can make it easier for you to keep things organized so your team members can be more productive throughout the day. Striping can be used to create separate work stations and to designate space for specific uses. Stripe out a section for storage, one for trash and recycling, and others for specific types of tasks such as shipping and repairs throughout your warehouse.

Your team members will know exactly where to do when they need to complete a task, and your warehouse will stay more organized so everyone can find what they need quickly and efficiently. You can even color code the striping and designate a specific color to each work station so the stations are identifiable at first sight. This will help new team members learn the ropes and figure out how to get around quickly.

Improve Traffic Flow

Floor striping can also help improve your warehouse's flow of traffic as time goes on. Create lanes for your employees to walk in, and they won't get in each other's way while working. Forklifts won't accidentally run in to anyone, because the drivers will know to stay away from the foot lanes. And the foot lanes will keep people from walking too closely to dangerous machinery that could injure them.

In addition to foot paths, you can create vehicle lanes for your wheelbarrows, forklifts, and other moving equipment to utilize. Having a clear lane to drive in will reduce the risk of collisions and other accidents.

Enhance Overall Safety

Warehouse striping will also enhance overall safety throughout your warehouse. Striping can be used to warn employees of potential hazards. For example, you can use red striping around areas where toxic chemicals or hazardous materials are stored. Yellow striping can be used to warn employees that caution should be used when spending time in the area. And orange striping can be used in areas where safety equipment is stored so everyone knows where to find it and nobody blocks the area with vehicles or other equipment.

Schedule a consultation appointment with your warehouse striping provider today to find out how the striping process works and to learn more about how striping can benefit your business in the coming months and years.