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Asphalt Milling Questions Answered: Things Not Commonly Asked, But Worth Asking Anyway

Asphalt milling creates a unique opportunity to repair damaged asphalt without having to replace the entire paved area. Undoubtedly, if you have never heard of asphalt milling, you probably have some questions, which lead to less commonly asked questions that are worth asking anyway. Here are some of those questions and their answers. 

Can Asphalt Milling Be Used on Small Areas?

The machine used to cut grooves in old asphalt can work on a patch of asphalt that is a few feet in both directions. It cannot be used for any pavement areas less than a couple of feet by a couple of feet, simply because of the size of the machine. However, if you have a very small area of asphalt you want worked, such as a driveway apron into a commercial parking lot, that can be done.

Does It Matter If Chunks of Old Asphalt Are Coming out of Potholes?

Asphalt milling works best on "tired" surfaces, where the asphalt has grayed and looks worn or shows cracks. Potholes are obviously more difficult because there is nothing for the milling machine to grade and cut into, and if there are chunks of asphalt missing from potholes, milling does not work at all. The potholes may need to be filled with concrete first, and then milling around and over the tops of these potholes will work. 

What about Surfaces That Are Completely Uneven and Bumpy?

The ground can shift underneath the pavement. Earthquakes can alter the urban landscape just as easily as any other type of landscape. Heavy commercial trucks can deeply impact the levelness of a paved surface too. If you have a parking lot that is incredibly uneven and bumpy, milling might not work. Asphalt milling repair services work best when the current work zone is mostly uniform, with some minor grading up or down. Cracks and very small potholes are acceptable work surfaces, but if your parking lot looks like a topographic road map of mountains and valleys, it might be better to pull the asphalt off and level everything underneath before repaving.

Consult with a Paving Contractor to Make the Right Call

The price tag on milling services is very handsome when compared to a complete paving redo. Yet, if you make the wrong call because your paved surface is not well-suited for milling services, you could be paying more to fix it. Consult with a paving contractor to make sure that asphalt milling is right for your parking lot or other paved surface. Reach out to a local asphalt milling repair service to learn more.