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Thinking Of Replacing Your Asphalt Parking Lot With Concrete? Why You Should Schedule Repairs Instead

If your commercial parking lot is in bad shape, and you're trying to decide between switching to concrete or repairing the existing asphalt, stick with the repairs. Asphalt is the best material you can have for your commercial parking lot. Asphalt is extremely durable, which means it's going to hold up under the pressure of constant traffic. However, there are other benefits that you might not have thought about. Here are just three of the reasons why you need to repair your existing asphalt parking lot. 

Repels Engine Fluid Stains

If you're concerned about maintenance needs, asphalt is your best paving option. When you run a thriving business, you can expect a lot of vehicle traffic through your parking lot. Many of those vehicles will leak a variety of engine fluids while they're parked. Unfortunately, those leaks are going to leave puddles in your parking lot, which could lead to stains. If you've switched to concrete, your parking lot is going to be dotted with fluid stains. However, if you simply repair your existing asphalt parking lot, those stains won't be visible. Not only that, a good cleaning will remove the fluid leaks, leaving your asphalt clean. 

Reduces Flood Risk

If you experience heavy rainfall in your region of the United States, you need to worry about flooding. If you switch to a concrete driveway, your risk for flooding will dramatically increase. That's because concrete doesn't have a way to absorb any of the excess water, which means more of it will collect in your parking lot. Meanwhile, because asphalt is permeable, it will absorb some of the water which will reduce the risk of flooding. As an added benefit, the water that's absorbed through your permeable asphalt is added to the existing ground water supply. That means your asphalt parking lot will reduce the risk of flooding and increase the ground water supply. 

Provides Cleaner Run-Off

As stated earlier, your parking lot will collect quite a bit of engine fluids. Not to mention the other types of debris and contaminants that will collect in your parking lot. If you've switched to a concrete parking lot, all those contaminants will wash through to the gutters during rain storms. Unfortunately, the presence of contaminants in the run-off will increase the risk of pollution. However, asphalt provides a natural filter, which will help ensure cleaner run-off from your parking lot. As a result, your parking lot will be more environmentally friendly. 

If your asphalt parking lot doesn't look as good as it used to, contact a paving contractor such as Sealtech Asphalt Inc.. Repairing your existing parking lot will allow to you to continue reaping the benefits of permeable asphalt.