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What to Know Before and After Your Excavation Project

Excavation is a major part of your project. If you are planning to excavate on your property, there is a lot you need to do in advance. This is a huge undertaking, and you do not want to begin your project only to find that you haven't received all your permissions or you have done something wrong on accident.

Are you ready to begin your project? This is what you need to know first.

Receive Utility Company Approval

The first thing you need to do before you dig is to call your local utility company. You want to steer clear from underground utilities, but you first need to know how to avoid them. Many cities have phone numbers you can call to have somebody show you where underground lines are so you can avoid digging into them.

Mark the Dig Site Clearly

Once you know where the utilities are, you need to work hard to avoid them. You can do this by marking your dig site clearly. Make these marks distinct so that you don't accidentally pull up a garden, gas line, or sprinkler.

Test the Soil

Some soil is not as stable as others, and you need to know what kind of dirt you are working with. You can prevent some excavation problems by knowing what minerals are resting underground.

Check Weather Conditions

What does the forecast look like in the coming days and weeks? You don't want to be caught with open trenches in the middle of the day. Be prepared for the day by checking the weather and taking the necessary precautions.

Look for Roots

Plants and trees may have roots that extend beyond the places you expect them to be. Pay close attention to plant roots and trees that you didn't expect to see. Otherwise, you could accidentally damage it.

Gear Up for Safety

Never begin your excavation project without taking notice of safety precautions. Wear the right gear and ensure that you have the area marked off properly.

Inspect Trenches As Work Continues

Once you start working, observation should not end. Make sure that you're inspecting the trench as you work, taking notice of any potential hazards, and ensuring that you are meeting your goals.

Get Excavating

Now that you have taken a look at everything you need to do before you begin digging, it is time to begin your project. Call companies like L & L Asphalt Corporation to begin the excavation process and get your project done.