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Tips When Having An Asphalt Paving Company Sealcoat A Parking Lot

If a parking lot is attached to your commercial space and you want it holding up better over the years, having it sealcoated is a good renovation to consider. It makes your parking lot more durable and resistant to many things. If you're having a professional asphalt paving company handle this parking lot upgrade, take these steps.

Make Sure Sealcoat Formula Is Advanced

You're paying good money to have this sealcoating service performed, and so that you're completely happy with how it holds up over the years, carefully review the sealcoat formula. You want the company to use an advanced sealcoat formula so that this service doesn't have to keep being repeated. An advanced formula is one that is thick and thus has a greater ability to hold up, regardless of what elements the parking lot is exposed to over the years. 

Have It Installed During Off-Peak Hours

Since your business's parking lot will have to be shut down while this sealcoating takes place, you want asphalt pavers putting it on during off-peak hours. It may be at night or well before your business opens up. Then the asphalt paving company won't have to worry about any traffic to and from your building. They can work uninhibited and your business will benefit because it won't create a messy environment. Asphalt pavers can get the sealcoating in place and allow it to dry properly. Then when your company hours resume, the parking lot will be protected and look brand new.

Ensure Company Performs Follow-Up Inspections

Even if the sealcoating service performed by the asphalt paving company looks great, you still want the company coming back out to conduct follow-up inspections. These are crucial in ensuring the sealcoat was applied correctly the first time. Asphalt pavers can review the sealcoat once it's fully dry, making sure sections are even and thick enough to hold up. If there are still issues found throughout these inspections, the pavers can continue to work until they're fixed. You thus don't have to worry about the sealcoating not turning out great like you hoped it would in the beginning.

Your business property can benefit tremendously with a sealcoat applied to the parking lot. Just take your time finding an asphalt paving company that can deliver great results and do your part to help them come through with an amazing service. Then your parking lot will be extra durable and look nice. Reach out to an asphalt paving company like Arrow Black Top & Masonry Inc. and ask about sealcoating.