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Installing A New Asphalt Driveway? 3 Crucial Factors That Will Affect Cost

A professionally installed asphalt driveway can be a crucial element in improving curb appeal. Not only does the right asphalt blend enable your home to stand out, but it also increases the value of your property. Moreover, asphalt is affordable and cost-effective compared to some paving materials. Another important benefit is that you can repair damaged patches to keep your driveway looking as good as new. With these advantages in mind, here are factors that will affect your asphalt driveway installation cost:

The Size of Your Project

As you plan for your new driveway, remember that the coverage area will affect your budget. Accordingly, a long and wide driveway will need a substantial amount of base material, labor, and time to complete. In addition, the depth of the installation area is also an essential factor. For example, a residential property in a hilly area calls for more excavation and poured material to meet the desired elevation level. In such a case, you will pay more compared to a homeowner with a relatively flat driveway requiring less compaction and base material.

The Shape of Your Installation

The design and layout require careful consideration when investing in a new driveway. Since it's likely the first thing you and anyone visiting your home sees, you want to ensure an installation that is both practical and beautiful. With this in mind, a small yard with a straight driveway will need less material and labor, costing less. On the other hand, a curved or round shape will require more tweaks and a more complex excavation process. Consequently, the latter project will take longer and require more poured material, resulting in a higher price tag.

Driveway Enhancements

Beyond the project's scope and choosing a superior asphalt blend, you may want a driveway whose appearance differs from the more common black color. Fortunately, you can install decorative asphalt that is more appealing than standard asphalt. Additionally, stamped asphalt can create an impression that mimics the appearance of stone or brick. Given the significant visual improvement, these options will require you to pay more for your driveway. Other additions that increase your project's budget include lighting at the edge of your driveway or a decorative border.

Installing an asphalt driveway for your residential property can be highly beneficial, given its strength and beauty. If you are ready for a new driveway, a professional asphalt paving contractor can assess your property and give you a cost estimate based on your unique needs.

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