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4 Ways Asphalt Paving Contractors Enhance the Durability of Your Paved Driveways

An asphalt driveway on your property is a significant investment that offers many benefits. Taking good care of your newly installed asphalt driveways helps keep your property appealing for many years. Unfortunately, neglecting it shortens its lifespan, forcing you to hire paving contractors for replacement or costly repair services. So, what can you do to ensure durability? Here are four things residential asphalt paving contractors can do to protect or enhance your driveways.

1. Follow the Right Paving Curing Process 

Your asphalt paving contractors will choose the ideal time to install asphalt paving. They often install it on sunny days. Expect the project to begin early to give the driveways enough time to dry under the scorching sun. The contractors will ask you to restrict vehicles from driving on the driveways before the surface dries completely. You could give it a few days for the materials to dry and harden. Proper curing improves durability. 

2. Regular Sealcoating 

Paving contractors recommend sealcoating your driveways every few months after installation. Why don't they sealcoat the paving immediately after installation? The contractors allow the driveway foundation to stabilize first. However, sealcoating is a crucial maintenance service that protects the pavement from fading and wearing out. Your contractor will help you determine when to sealcoat and knows how to handle the entire process. 

3. Fix Minor Cracks Immediately 

Watch out for new, small cracks on your driveways. They develop due to normal wear, especially if the driveway is used by many vehicles. Fluctuating temperatures and water infiltration might also cause these cracks. Many property owners ignore these cracks and only call contractors to schedule repairs when the damage is too huge. This only increases the repair service and shortens the life of your driveways. Schedule routine inspections and repairs to fix damages while they are still minor. 

4. Clean Up Oil Stains as Soon as Possible 

Asphalt is durable and resistant to damage from external elements such as water, snow, and heat. However, oil spills contain chemicals that can weaken bonds in asphalt and other aggregates. This can lead to premature raveling. Ask your contractor for advice about cleaning products and techniques to ensure you don't use chemicals that could damage the driveway when cleaning. Remember to clean oil stains as soon as possible. 

When you work with residential paving contractors, they provide quality services to ensure your driveways serve you for many years with minimal problems. They will also offer repair, sealcoating, and inspection services to keep your driveways in good shape. Therefore, contact a reputable contractor if you need quality services.