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Developing A Seal Coating Plan For Your Parking Lot

Asphalt seal coating is an excellent way to protect your parking lot or paved surfaces. The process takes some time to do correctly, and commercial properties with a large paved area often find that working with a company to develop a plan for asphalt sealing can make the process more efficient.  

Seal Coating In Rotation

One issue with maintaining a large asphalt parking area is maintaining it throughout the year. Asphalt seal coating will help to keep water and chemicals out of the asphalt and protect it from heat and cold, but large parking areas take time to seal, and the cost of sealing the entire surface is often expensive. 

One solution for commercial properties is to consider sealing the oldest sections of the asphalt first and then rotating around the parking lot throughout the next year or two. Using this method ensures the asphalt sealing in each area is never more than a couple of years old, and it can help save on the cost, making it easier for the business to budget for it each year.

Professional asphalt seal coating will last several years, and most asphalt sealing companies can work with you to develop a plan that makes this work well, allowing minimal disruption in the parking lot and ensuring you have the protection on the surface that is necessary. If your budget allows you to seal two parts of the lot each year, you can break the rotation up and do part of your asphalt in the fall and part of it in the spring to limit the disruption, but cover more asphalt each year. 

Asphalt Maintenance

Each year before any asphalt seal coating begins, the asphalt contractor can go over your parking area looking for damage or cracks that need attention. The part of the lot they are sealing should be the focus and having a parking lot sweeping service clean the asphalt before the contractor arrives can make the job easier. 

Cracks in the asphalt surface require addressing before asphalt sealing starts, and if there are areas of the lot with damage not scheduled for sealing, it is a good idea to have those addressed while the asphalt work is taking place. The sealer is applied over the surface of the parking area and must cure for a day or two, so the asphalt sealing company will close off that section of the lot. 

Using the rotation to complete the work in the lot helps ensure there is plenty of parking available during the sealing and while the surface cures. After the asphalt sealing is done, you need to have a striping service come and replace the parking lines and markings on the new surface, so people know where to park and how to navigate the parking area.

Contact a local asphalt seal coating service to learn more.