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Protecting Your Home's Driveway With Sealcoating

Without a protective coating, there could be a high risk of your asphalt surfaces suffering potential preventable wear and tear. While applying these seal coats will be an important step for protecting your driveway, it will require some planning and preparation to ensure this project goes smoothly.

The Asphalt Surface Will Need To Be Patched And Cleaned

Prior to applying the asphalt sealcoating, the surface will need some preparation work. At a minimum, this should involve patching the surface of the asphalt and thoroughly cleaning it. By taking these steps, you can make sure that the asphalt sealcoat will effectively bond to the surface. Unfortunately, if this is not done, the sealcoat may actually degrade and start to peel off the surface of the asphalt. As a result, an asphalt sealcoating service will likely have to spend the first portion of this project completing these preparations.

Sealants May Need To Be Applied In A Series Of Layers

One thing that people may not realize when they are having their asphalt seal coated is the fact that this work may have to be done in a series of layers. This will allow the coating to be as uniform and durable as possible. However, it may require several hours to complete as the service may need to wait long enough for the sealcoat to set before they can apply the next coating. While this may take longer, it can be one of the most effective strategies for applying this coating.

The Asphalt Should Not Be Used For At Least A Couple Of Days After The Sealcoat Is Applied

After the asphalt sealcoating process has been completed, the area should not be used for at least a couple of days. This will give the sealcoat an opportunity to fully dry and cure so that it will not be disturbed by individuals walking or driving on it. When you are having this done to your home's driveway, this may be a slight disruption, but it can be far less disruptive than the work that would be needed to replace the asphalt driveway. Furthermore, there may be options for reducing the overall disruption that this creates, such as doing this work when the weather will allow for rapid curing. After consulting closely with you, these professionals can help you with creating a strategy that will allow this work to be done with as few disruptions and hassles as possible.

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