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Seal coat Your Asphalt Parking Lot To Maximize Its Integrity

Asphalt is an excellent option for commercial parking lot surfaces. It is cost-efficient and is highly durable. However, while the material can produce these benefits, an asphalt seal coating application can maximize them. If you have not seal-coated your parking surface, learn why performing this step makes sense.

Element Protection

A parking surface is constantly exposed to the elements, the harshest of them all being the sun. The sun's UV rays shine on these surfaces and cause oxidation. Oxidation has a drying effect on asphalt, causing it to crack and become brittle. In this state, the asphalt is at risk for even greater wear. While there is no way to avoid the oxidation process, seal coating will at least minimize its effect and delay its progression. Instead of targeting the asphalt directly, the sun will target the seal coating.

Water Barrier

Another potentially damaging element is water. Even tiny, microscopic cracks in asphalt leave ample space for water to seep through. Once the water settles on the underside of the pavement, it is only a matter of time before it fails. Seal coating helps fill all these tiny pockets so that water cannot penetrate the surface. Remember that seal coating will only help if you have adequate drainage for the parking lot. Seal coating cannot erase poor drainage that leads to pooling water. 

Cleaner Surface

For any business, curb appeal is important. Particularly when it comes to customers who may not be familiar with your brand, if the exterior does not look good, they may be less inclined to go inside. Seal coating creates a barrier that prevents oil and other vehicle stains from penetrating the surface. Consequently, your asphalt appears cleaner as opposed to being full of stains. However, it is important to note that you can only achieve this benefit with regular seal coating, so you must stay on top of the reapplication schedule. 

High-Traffic Durability

Asphalt is incredibly durable, but it is not perfect. Each time a vehicle drives through the parking lot, it wears the asphalt. So as you might imagine, this wear can be excessive in a parking lot with heavy traffic. Seal coating adds a layer of flexibility to the surface. When vehicles drive over it, the added flexibility minimizes the surface's wear, allowing it to last longer. Without seal coating, the limited flexibility of the surface would make it more prone to cracking.

If you want to learn more, speak with a paving company, such as Cornerstone Paving, to learn about the seal coating process.