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5 Creative Ideas For A Paver Driveway

Pavers come in a huge range of styles, materials, and colors. They provide a beautiful and cost-effective alternative to concrete or asphalt driveway paving, and they can be installed quite quickly too. 

1. Brick Edging

Brick paver edging is a quick and cost-effective way to spruce up a faded concrete or asphalt driveway, particularly one where the edges are starting to crumble. Your paving service will cut out the damaged edge of the driveway, build up a paver base, and then set the bricks in place to create a pretty border edge. Brick edging is usually mortared in place, so it is quite secure.

2. Creative Patterns

Playing with the shape of pavers is one way to add visual interest to your new driveway. For example, rectangular pavers can be placed at angles to create a pretty herringbone design on the driveway. Another option is to lay pavers in sets of three, using one full-size paver and two half-size pavers laid perpendicular to the full paver. Your paving service can create a variety of patterns by combining bricks of varying shapes and sizes.

3. Color Mixing

Pavers come in a range of colors, and there is no rule that you can only use one color for your driveway. Combining two or more colors provides an easy way to create an eye-catching driveway. Colors can alternate in geometric patterns to create a design, such as a checkerboard. Another option is to use multiple colors of pavers to create a mosaic mural on the driveway. For example, create a sunburst or a compass rose out of various pavers for a truly beautiful driveway.

4. Rustic Cobbles

A cobblestone pathway has a rustic feel that is right at home for a farmhouse or cottage driveway. Pavers can be cast to look just like old cobblestones, whether you want the look of truly rustic stones or prefer a slightly more formal look with simple rectangles that are rounded in shape. The smooth tops of cobblestone-style pavers are also easy to walk upon, as there are no sharp edges to trip over.

5. Surprising Shapes

Bricks don't just come in square and rectangular shapes. There is a range of geometric options available, from those cut on a slant to those with extra sides such as octagons and hexagons. These differently shaped paver bricks still fit together like any other, but they give a completely different look to the driveway. Some are even designed so they interlock together to create an even sturdier bit of paving.

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