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Residential Concrete Sealing Tips For Homeowners

Anytime you have valuable concrete around your property that you want to protect, such as concrete garage floors, you should consider adding a sealer. It can prevent surface damage and other issues for a long time. If you plan to set up a concrete sealing product yourself, here are some rules to live by.

Find a Superior Sealer Product

Your results for concrete sealing depend significantly on the sealer product you work with. Whether you search online or in-person at stores, you have many sealer options. How do you know which is superior?

It comes down to the sealer product's properties. It should give your concrete surface ample durability and the ability to resist many different weather elements, including rain and snow. The sealer should also penetrate deep down into the concrete so that you have long-lasting protection to rely on. 

Thoroughly Clean the Surface

After selecting an appropriate sealer, prepare the concrete surface you want to treat. Pre-treatment is essential for having smooth, defect-free application results. 

Whether you clean by hand or use a power washer, do your best to eliminate dirt, debris, oils, grease, and other residues. It may take you a while to get the concrete surface spotless, but your hard work will pay off in an optimal application. 

Use a Quality Roller For Application 

Once you get ready to apply a concrete sealer product, get a quality roller. It's a tool that makes applying the product a breeze, especially if it has suitable properties. 

For instance, if you got a long roller, you could remain in the same spot when treating different areas of concrete with a sealer. Also, make sure the roller doesn't leave behind fabric particles because they would negatively affect the sealant's application. 

Figure Out How Many Coats Are Necessary 

An essential part of concrete sealing is the number of coats you put on the concrete. If you choose wisely, your concrete surfaces can last and safeguard you from routine repairs. 

The number of coats can vary based on what you're trying to seal. For instance, if you wanted to seal a concrete driveway, you would need more coats than if you tried to seal a patio. 

Concrete sealing is a great way to protect valuable concrete areas around your home. If you don't rush the sealing process and use a quality sealer product, your concrete surfaces will come out great and last for many years. 

Reach out to a concrete sealing company near you to learn more.