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Why Are There So Many Winter Potholes In the Roads -- Even In My Driveway?

Most Americans use the terms asphalt and blacktop interchangeably, referring to roads and driveways. However, blacktop comes from asphalt and it's a totally different mixture. If they're different mixtures, why do potholes appear in both roads and in driveways in the winter? How Asphalt and Blacktop Are Made Blacktop and asphalt are both made stone and bitumen. The st

Don't Forget Your Parking Lot When Renovating Your Building

Do you have a major renovation coming up for your company's office building or another commercial complex? If you are truly going all out and upgrading or expanding as much as you can, you likely have a long list of projects to tackle throughout the building. But while you are clearly focused on what's going on inside, there's one other area of your property you shoul

Tips To Keep Your Asphalt Free Of Cracks And Softening

Pavement and asphalt surfaces on your property provide improved value and use for your property and home. But with the surface being constantly exposed to nature and the elements, it needs to be continually kept up to keep it from degrading and eroding. Here are some tips to complete your asphalt repairs more successfully and to ensure they last as long as possible. R

Tips For Addressing Your Commercial Paving Projects

By taking the time to handle your commercial paving work, you will be better able to keep up with your assets to the fullest. In order to manage your property, it pays to contract with commercial paving technicians that can assist you with whatever kind of work will be best for you. There are several commercial paving jobs that you can invest in, and you owe it to you

Parking Lot Looking Old And Rundown? 2 Reasons Why You Should Have It Paved

If you own a business and your parking lot has not been replaced in some time and it is looking rundown, you should have it paved. You can hire a paving company that specializes in parking lots to ensure it is done correctly. Below are two reasons why you should have your parking lot paved as soon as you can. Prevent a Lawsuit If your parking lot is old and rundown it