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Is Your Parking Lot in Bad Shape? 4 Steps to Ensure a Successful Repaving Project

If you own a commercial property, you know how much traffic passes over your parking lot. Excess use can degrade the stability of your asphalt. The damage is compounded by inclement weather. This is especially true where extreme temperatures are concerned. Because of that, it's important that you have your parking lot repaved from time to time. Repaving your parking l

Paving Information For Homeowners

Paving your home's driveway can provide it with some important benefits. While it may seem as though these benefits should be fairly obvious, many homeowners that will not have previously considered all of the ways that paving their driveway and parking area will be able to benefit the property. Improve Curb Appeal The curb appeal of a home can be extremely important

A 3 Step Approach To Pavement Management Planning

Pavement is a critical asset for most commercial property owners. Paved parking lots provide a place for customers and employees to leave their vehicles while inside your commercial space. If the quality of the pavement in your parking lot is lacking, you could be opening your business up to a litany of problems. A proactive management plan will help you better mainta

Colored Concrete: Where It Can Be Used

When performing a renovation on your home and using concrete, you may be concerned about how dull the concrete may appear. Thankfully, you can bring excitement to virtually any kind of concrete project at your home by using colored concrete. If you are thinking about talking to a concrete contractor about utilizing colored concrete at your home but are not exactly sur

Asphalt Landscape Designs Paving The Way To Sustainability

Asphalt is the rugged, durable pavement favored by race car tracks and airport runways. The ubiquity of this highway and urban paving material is due to its ease of application and durability in all weather conditions. Yet when it comes to using asphalt as a design and architectural material, this versatile material is woefully underutilized.  Asphalt paving cont